Finish Powerball All in 1 Lemon Sparkle Dishwasher Tablets 30pack

Price: $10.50
Brand:  Finish Powerball
Product Code:  Lemon Sparkle
Availability:  In Stock

Finish All in One delivers powerful cleaning even in the toughest conditions.

Finish All in One has unique power actions to deliver a powerful clean.

  • Fizzing PowerBall releases bubbles that disperse deep cleaning agents to whereever they are needed.
  • Dual Layer Tablet with powerful ingredients to lift off tough stains PLUS a rinse and salt action to deliver a great shine

All Inclusive System:

- Grease Cutting Power - Tough Stains Removal
- Soaking Action - Tea Stain Removal
- Super Shine Function - Stainless Steel Shine
- Machine Limescale Protection - Glass Protection
- Silver Protection - PowerBoost Action

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